16oz or 32oz Bottle Car Detailing Compound Holder

16oz or 32oz Bottle Car Detailing Compound Holder

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MaxShine Detailing Compound Holder allows for optimal organization of your 16oz and 32oz compounds.

Upgrade your garage, mobile detailing van, or any space designed to keep your detailing flowing smoothly.

Organization is the key to success in our Detailing Industry.

Our Compound Holder mounts directly to the wall with the corresponding screws included in the packaging to keep your business or detailing passion running efficiently.

And best of all, reduces the chances of spilling valuable product!

  • Organization for Compound Bottles
  • Fits 16oz and 32oz Bottles
  • High Quality Iron Construction
  • High Corrosion Resistance
  • Corresponding Screws Included


Length: 540 mm

Width: 190 mm

Hight: 180 + 5 mm

Slot size: φ85mm

Color: Black

Material: Iron

Holes: 5 holes

Useful:16OZ OR 32 OZ Bottle


Package Includes:

1 Holder (Bottle and Compound Not included)